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Client: Brooks Running Co.

Project: MicroMarathon In-Store Event


Brooks came to us with an idea for a mini-marathon measuring 26.2 feet to recreate the marathon experience on a tiny scale. Minimal pieces and packaging were key so Brooks staff could bring and set it up anywhere. After brainstorming a few concepts, Brooks landed on the name, “MicroMarathon” and asked me to create a logo for the event. I created start and finish line mats, custom water coolers, branded cones and congratulatory stickers — all the elements that make a real marathon. Events were held all over the country. Anyone not ready for the real thing could have their photo snapped with the 26.2 (foot) mini-marathon merchandise.


This event was so popular that Brooks decided to expand it to their Canadian stores. They came back to me for a re-design of all the pieces in French.

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